People Are Angry At Target Over Selling Sexist “Girls’ Building Sets”

Nobody tell Seinfeld but this might actually be sexist. A mother in Green, Ohio was pleased to discover that her local Target sold building sets for children. Building sets are a big part of growing up from Lincoln Logs to Lego sets, children of all ages like to build. However, at least for one Target when we say “children” we mean boys, and just to be safe, here are some special building sets for girls. The mom and blogger was not so pleased about the way the store’s signs separated out the fact that they had building sets specifically for girls. Do you see a problem with this? She did and took to Twitter to express her anger:

Abi Bechtel told The Daily Dot of the incident; “I posted the tweet because the signage struck me as problematic on a couple of levels —first, because the way it’s written sets up boys’ building sets (and boys in general) as normative/generic and girls’ as specialized/other; and second, because it’s such an encapsulation of how Target (and many other retailers) persistently genders toys that don’t need to be gendered.”

Although when I was a kid I always made sure to “gender” my toys by drawing penises on them just so everyone knew that I was playing with a toy for boys. “That’s not a girl toy, look it has a wiener! It’s a boy!” Smart, right? Even when it was a Barbie, I still drew a  penis on it… which now that I think about it is probably why I didn’t get invited over to play much.

Oh I get it, now it is pink!

She went on to say “It makes it seem like it’s so normal for building sets to be for boys, and oh by the way, girls can build stuff too we guess.”

Bechtel’s tweet got a lot of funny responses from people agreeing with her. Some even noticed that thier local Target, targeted girls for building sets as well:



Oh, I got one; here is an example of a sexist “Girls’ Building Set” joke that someone else would say: 

“What is in a girls’ building set at Target? A kitchen! Gonna build me a sandwich!” Too soon? That is just terrible.

Break Question of The Day: Is it OK for Target to label Girls’ Building Sets?

If Target sells pink colored building sets with little girls on the box cover, why wouldn’t they label the sign in the store as “Girls’ Building Sets” – or is it more that they should have then also labeled the others as “Boy’s Building Sets?” – Or who cares, this is the reason Seinfeld isn’t coming to our campus?

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Source: Daily Dot