Penis Drawn On A $2.5 Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron

It has often been said that men who drive expensive sports cars with big engines are just trying to make up for what they are lacking under their own hood. Someone took that literally this week. The driver of one of the world’s most expensive production cars, the $2.5 million dollar Bugatti Veyron got an unwanted artistic upgrade to his ride when a vandal spray painted a giant cock and balls on the “supercar.”

Yo Dawg, we heard you like penis.

The penis substitution was parked on a city street in Seattle. Normally an exotic looking Bugatti would attract attention from passersby and car aficionados taking pictures of the 1200 horsepower sports car that can go from zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds. So the red phallic addition to the car was quickly made note of.

Car experts estimate this could cost $500K to repair. Stiff price.

Unfortunately no video exists of the owner coming out of his Full Release Thai Massage and 14 karat gold leaf therapy facial cleanse to see the damage. Although I assume it went something like this:

I’m all about wealthy people who have earned it, enjoying their wealth. However one could argue that if you are driving around in such in your face opulence as a $2.5 million dollar car you’re at a minimum asking to be called a douchebag.  I’m not saying vandalism to an expensive piece of property is right. I’m just saying for us average joes schlubbing to work in a Toyota Tercell everyday there has to be part of you that gets some good old fashioned schadenfreude out of this – what the Germans call “pleasure from others pain and misfortune.” Yeah, yeah, I’m just jealous of this douche, but this is the kind of car Bernie Madoff would drive as he made a hit and run on a homeless man without giving it a second thought. Tell me I’m wrong!!

Things could always be worse!

What do you guys think? Is this an outrageous attack on an expensive piece of automotive art or just a good laugh at the expense of some rich bastard who can afford to have the graffiti removed anyway?

UPDATE:  Well, save your fake outrage folks because it turns out we just got Kimmeled! A group of video pranksters called TwinzTV used the penis graffiti on the Bugatti as part of an upcoming prank video that they haven’t released yet. The same group made a video catching golddiggers who would only talk to a guy when they thought the Bugatti he was leaning on was his. – The reactions of these ladies look pretty fake too– fool me once! Good job, dicks!

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