This Guy Hung Ridiculous Photos Of Himself In Grammy’s Museum And No One Noticed

Another Grammy’s award show has come and gone leaving little to be desired for the music industry as a whole. It seems they give the award to pretty much every popular artist nominated in one category or another, so how can anyone without a radio hit get noticed? One independent artist found a way, but not into the award show itself. It was the Grammy museum where this guy decided to get his name out there and there was an excellent point behind his prank.

Independent recording artist PAZ hung photos of himself on the Grammy museum walls that looked identical to the other images placed. And it took over a month for anyone to notice.

Looks just like a standard wall of “Notable Winners” from Grammy’s past featuring Latin musicians.

But if you look closer, you’ll see a totally non-Latin artist.

And if you look closer, you’ll see that PAZ has some interesting talents.

Of course there’s images of Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars in the museum, but who’s that guy with Rhianna?

And why is he eating a taco?

You don’t remember the guy performing with Rhianna while eating a taco? Oh, it was a legendary moment apparently.

After succesfully hanging two fake images in the Grammy museum, PAZ decided to hang one in the tribute to Sound Engineering.

It’s amazing how an image next to actual legendary artists went unnoticed with a title like “Burritos”.

But the best photo PAZ was able to get away with was this 20 lb. portrait photographed and framed in the same exact style next to similar images of John Mayer, Santana and Loretta Lynn.

The interesting part is PAZ didn’t post images of himself in the museum to simply make a name for himself. He rather wanted to make a point.

There were more than 400 nominations for the 2013 Grammys. None of them were for independent / unsigned artists.

The Grammys say they nominate independent artists, but their definition of “independent” includes Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney. The system is broken. Its time for the Grammys to recognize artists for the art they make, not the deals they sign.

I think the Grammy’s should also create a sense of humor category as well.

Head over to PAZ’s facebook page to find out more about this guy.

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