Paula Deen’s PR Person Posted A Photo From 2011 And It’s Pretty Racist

Paula Deen is real white. So white, she doesn’t even know she’s being just a dumb white person. First in 2013 she was sued for putting an employee through racist and sexist comments at Deen’s restaurant Uncle Bubba’s in Georgia and today we got a nice reminder of how ignorant her family really is. Paula Deen’s PR person posted a photo to Deen’s twitter showing Deen and her son dressed as Lucy and Desi from a Halloween episode from 2011. The unfortunate part is her son decided it’d be best to wear “brown face” for his costume as Desi. Oh, Deens.

It’s unclear if her son appeared in the Paula Deen episode at the time of it’s airing, but the photo was definitely published online in 2011 and not one person made a peep stating the above photo as racist regarding Bobby Deen’s depiction of the Cuban singer. Certainly not when they originally posted the images four years ago. So why now?

Granted, it is racist for someone to put on black face, brown face, whatever it is. I mean you don’t even see Lucy & Desi impersonators wearing brown face because that’s just a dumb thing to do. Desi himself wasn’t even that tan! But it’s equally dumb we’re making a stink about it now all of the sudden. It’s in the past. The only real unfortunate part is Deen hired a dumb enough PR person to think this photo was okay to post.