Paul Walker RIP 1973-2013

Reports just started coming out that actor Paul Walker died today in a fiery car accident in Valencia, California while driving a red Porsche Carrera GT.  An official statement has not been released as of yet, but the below image of the road side car accident was published by website TMZ.



The site also claims that Walker was giving rides in his new Porsche, which leads us to believe there may be multiple deaths in this case.  The assistant to Mr. Walker could neither confirm nor deny the news. 

I personally never watched his work, nor have I seen one Fast and the Furious movie.  I heard Running Scared was good, maybe I should finally give that one a shot.

If this story is true, Paul Walker passed away at 40 years old.  Check back into Break for further updates! 

*UPDATE – Representatives with Universal Pictures confirmed Walker’s identity and released an official statement.  He was a passenger in a friend’s car and both had lost their lives.  At the time of his death, Walker was working on a seventh Fast and Furious film.  Read more HERE.

– Todd Spence (follow me on the Twitter)