Paul Rudd’s Yearbook Photo From College Is Nothing But Pure 80’s

Paul Rudd’s probably one of the more enjoyable leading actors in movies right now, but rarely does he switch up his look from role to role, Anchorman ‘stache aside. But with this recently posted to Reddit photo from the 1980’s University of Kansas yearbook, I can certainly now see why. If Rudd grows his hair out, he begins to look like Kenny G.

Taken in 1988 after Rudd studied drama for two years, most people will say “C’mon, that’s how everyone looked in the 80’s.” Well to make this picture that much more enjoyable, here’s an image of what Rudd’s photo looked like amongst the other yearbook photos from his class. One can already tell the guy is a maverick by comparison.

Of course we all know how big of a success Rudd went on to become afterwards, and judging by the contrast in Rudd’s style compared to his classmates, it seemed pretty obvious he had his own road to travel.

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source: Reddit