Check Out This Incredibly Boring First Image Of Paul Rudd As ‘Ant-Man’

Marvel just released the first image of the highly anticipated Ant-Man adaption with this photo of Paul Rudd (aka, Scott Lang) in a hoodie. It also could just be a picture from Paul Rudd’s summer vacation, but we’ll take Marvel’s word that it’s from Ant-Man.

I just fell asleep looking at this image. Okay, sarcasm aside, you can do better than this, Marvel. Seriously. You just released a sweet Ant-Man poster during Comic-Con and this is how you follow it up? Snoooooze.

[[contentId: 2748921| | style: height:673px; width:437px]]

I mean, look at that poster! Hey, I’m not asking for him in the full Ant-Man costume, but I’ve seen more excitement in a cologne ad for pete’s sakes. After the big rumble of fan favorite director Edgar Wright leaving the production due to script changes, many people seemed to lose interest in the project, so one would hope for the very first image from the film to be a little more thrilling. Especially since no one had ever even heard (or cared) about this character before Marvel announced the movie. Have Rudd at least holding a piece of the costume. At least have him staring at an ant farm. Literally anything else would have been more interesting.

Anywaaaaay. Marvel, if you need more guidance on how to market this thing, you know how to get ahold of me. I suppose I’ll just have to look at Affleck as Batman again for the time being.

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