Paul Reubens Announces New Pee-wee Herman Movie!

Who wants to go to the movie theater with Pee-wee Herman?! Last night on The Tonight Show guest Paul Reubens made a lot of kids from the 80’s excited when he confirmed some incredible news to Jimmy Fallon; Pee-wee Herman would be returning to the big screen with a brand new film!


The man-child Reubens recently turned 62 years old, so who says it’s never too late to dust off your old characters and take them out one last time for a spin? Pee-wee rose to pop culture icon status in the 1980’s after the character he created with the Los Angeles Improv Troupe The Groundlings took off in feature films such as 1985’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and his hit Saturday morning TV show Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Sadly Reubens was forced to retire the character for over a decade in the wake of a scandal in which he was caught masturbating in Florida adult movie theater. Thanks Florida!

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Am I the only person that thinks Paul Reubens would play a great serial killer?

If done correctly this new Pee-wee movie could be like The Expendables for 80’s children’s characters, but with a lot more blood. The reason we all Love Pee-wee is how weird he is. So it’s with no surprise that Pee-wee’s first television appearance was equally strange. The character had been developed in the late 70’s as a “bad stand-up comedian” who couldn’t remember his jokes – in part because the real Reubens couldn’t remember set ups and punchlines. While still working out the character Reubens saw an ad looking for contestants on The Dating Game… where real people compete to go on a date with a lucky lady. However he went to the show in character as Pee-Wee Herman, got on the show and WON. Heheh!  Would you go on a date with Pee-wee?

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