Patton Oswalt Says Cosby’s Behavior Has Been Known By Comedians For Years

Patton Oswalt is one of my favorite comedians. Not only is he hilarious, but brutally and painfully honest as well. Sometimes to a point where it’s not for the sake of laughs, but for the sake of truth. Recently, Nerdist sat down with Oswalt for their podcast when (of course) the topic of Bill Cosby was eventually brought up. Oswalt not being one to hold back any punches unleashed a few gems worth noting here. He didn’t discuss the topic for too long, but made a point to let it be known that Cosby’s behavior has been a known thing for quite some time in the comedy club community.

The Bill Cosby thing is so fucking awful, and what’s even worse for comedians is most of us have known for a long fucking time. It was a very badly kept secret in the comedian world and a lot of us would talk about it and say that’s bullshit, it took that fucking long.

One piece that Oswalt also touched on was the conviction of “nice guy” stand-up comedian Vince Champ, who was arrested after various college students came forward with allegations claiming Champ had raped them while performing at colleges throughout the country. Champ, an extremely well liked squeaky clean-type comic, is now serving 55-70 years in prison for what he’s done. I had never heard of the comedian before listening to this podcast, but apparently it was big news in the late ’90’s. Yeesh.

But back to Cosby, Oswalt goes on to comment on the women making these claims.

He did the shit he did to these women when they were young and they were on this upswing (…) and this awful thing happens, they can never talk about it. So he’s just shot the ground out from under them. Not just in that one incident, but for decades of their lives, when they’re supposed to be enjoying the time when they’re in their physical prime and their mental prime, enjoying life (…) some guy takes that away from them. He doesn’t lose a second of sleep over it (…) and they had to sit there for decades while this guy did this over and over again, didn’t lose any sleep, was beloved.

If you’re a fan of podcasts, this is a pretty great episode covering a lot of ground, not only about Cosby but a slew of other topics. Check it out HERE.

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source: Uproxx