Gorgeous Bikini Model Charged In $2 Million Identity Theft Ring

There’s absolutely no point in denying that pretty women often get special treatment in various situations. At the same time, lots of people enjoy watching such people fall from grace – meaning a scandal with a hot chick is always newsworthy. Witness the dark tale of a hottie in a bikini who was recently charged for her part in a two million dollar identity theft scam.


Patricia Perez-Gonzalez spent a lot of her time sending hot pics to Maxim Magazine’s twitter #hotpixatnoon, and a lot of time apparently helping her boyfriend open up Amex Platinum cards using stolen information.


Offering even more proof that she is (if convicted) pretty much the devil is that they usually preyed on the elderly. They apparently opened 40 such accounts over a two year period, and had the fraudulent cards sent to vacant homes that they then retrieved mail from.


A lot of the goods she sold on her online fashion shop known as Le Fashion Wheels, although it may be more apt to call it That Ho Steals.


They also “flew to New York, California and Hawaii, dined at pricey restaurants like Bagatelle and blew tens of thousands at Hermes, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and the Apple store, court records show.”


The Manhattan DA who charged the couple said “Across the country, the defendants spared no expense while enjoying the use of credits cards opened in their victims’ names and inflicting damage on their credit.”


So, if there’s a moral in this immoral tale, perhaps it’s that great boobs can only get you so far.

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