Pastor Wife Who Had Kids Call Her Kim Kardashian Arrested For Sex With Student

Holy Mary Kay Letourneau folks, there’s a whole lot to unpack here with 37-year-old Shannon Moser. Not only is the North Dakota resident a pastor’s wife, but she was also a science teacher at Liberty Middle School – before people realized she was (allegedly) fucking the students, of course.

It all started when police received an anonymous tip in June that Shannon Moser allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old boy in Rendezvous Park located in West Fargo. Intentional ironic name notwithstanding, when police interviewed the student in question he “initially denied having sex with Moser,” however his story later changed after he admitted that she’d started sending him nude Snapchats two months prior:

Moser allegedly picked him up last month and drove to the park before pulling over on a gravel road where they had sex.

The student told police the Snapchats then continued but he declined to have sex with her when she allegedly asked on another occasion. 

A second boy, aged 15, also told police that Moser had allegedly been sending him explicit photos via Snapchat for a year.  

He said he never engaged in physical contact with the teacher, but claims he did receive Snapchat videos of Moser and her husband having sex. (via)

You hate to see teachers playing favorites with students. One kid gets his dick wet, the other has to sit through 10+ seconds of Shannon Moser and her husband going at it like a couple of celibate Mormons on Viagra while Wheel of Fortune plays in the background on their “wild” Tuesday night. Life truly is not fair.

And in a weird twist that doesn’t really apply to the story but goes to show the kind of person Shannon Moser is, she reportedly had some of her students refer to her as Kim Kardashian. Maybe it’s a sex thing? Maybe not? I don’t know. All I know is that Shannon Moser of North Dakota more closely resembles a possum than she does good ol’ Kimmy K, crossed eyes included.

As for her husband’s fate, he was put on administrative leave in light of his wife’s arrest. In court on Tuesday, Shannon’s bail was set at $30,000 and she was ordered not to have contact with either teen she had allegedly been pursuing.

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