Alaska Airlines Kicked Cancer Stricken Passenger Off Plane For Dumbest Reason

Whenever someone starts telling a story about flying or going to the airport, it’s never an uplifting tale that reaffirms your faith in people’s sense of service and gratitude. It usually ends with more heartache and disappointment than a Cormac McCarthy novel. So it goes without saying that this story about Alaska Airlines kicking a woman suffering from cancer off of a flight won’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about the human condition either.

Elizabeth Sedway suffers from a form of bone marrow cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment in preparation for a bone marrow transplant. She prepared to take a flight last Monday from Lihue Airport in Hawaii to San Jose, California for one of her chemotherapy treatments and had to catch a connecting flight in Lihue. The airport started to grow suspicious of her when she put on a surgical mask before stepping on the plane, something she does just to prevent herself from getting sick in her weakened condition. The flight attendant in the boarding area asked her if she needed any help. She initially said “no” but told the attendant she “sometimes feels weak” when they asked her a second time. That sent off alarm bells in the airline staff’s heads, which apparently is the only thing in their heads.

Sedway said after she and her family boarded the plane, a representative from the airline asked them to step off because they needed a note from their doctor clearing her to fly. Medway grabbed her phone and recorded her family’s embarrassing and unnecessary ejection.

She even called her doctor who cleared her to fly as the airline requested but they still wouldn’t let her get back on the plane. She not only ended up missing her flight but her chemo treatments as well. The airline refunded the tickets and the cost of their hotel accommodations and admitted through a spokesperson that the “communication breakdown was on our part.” Of course, they only agreed to issue a refund and issue an apology until after the video Sedway uploaded to her Facebook page went viral. So if you’re not weeping for humanity, please seek help immediately.

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source: UPI