20 Shamefully Funny Airline Passenger Photos

In case you haven’t noticed humans are horrible; especially when you have to travel with herds of them. Even if they aren’t threatening to blow up the airplane, or are having a midair obscenity screaming panic attack that diverts you from Tuscan to Tallahassee, you still have to deal with some asshole who thinks a “Knee Defender” is a good idea. Now, annoyed travelers everywhere are standing up (once the captain has taken off the seatbelt sign) and they aren’t going to take it anymore!

People have begun posting candid photos to Facebook and Instagram of their fellow passengers being the rude, inconsiderate bastards that we know they are. Putting your feet in someone’s face, pissing in the sink, and taking your clothes off in front of everyone to show off your frumpy, zit covered ass is just the start.

The Passenger Shaming Facebook page was started in January of 2013 by Shawn Kathleen, a disgruntled flight attendant who was sick of what she saw on a daily basis. Having posted many of these photos in revenge, she is now very gruntled.

The page has been popular, with over 17,000 Facebook likes and hundreds of passengers submitting photos of the insanity happening in the unfriendly skies. I think a lot of these people are just painfully un-self-aware. I mean how does THIS happen?

That, or people are acting insane on purpose in order to out-insane the other passengers before they start acting insane. It’s just a never ending cycle of crazy. I have a solution though; As you know, in Russia everyone has a dashboard camera mounted in their car because everyone else on the road is completely psychotic and will try to rip you off in an insurance scam. In this country, some have advocated that the police wear lapel cameras to thwart police brutality. I say airlines should install cameras on the back headrests of every seat, and if the person next to you has their genitals resting on your tray table, you can snap a photo and upload it in real time to the airplanes wifi network, and have the image sent to every screen in the cabin. …although some people might be into that.

Just remember my three rules for having a good flight and hopefully you won’t end up on PassengerShaming.com:

  1. Sit Down.
  2. Buckle Your Seat Belt
  3. Shut The Fuck Up.

And before one of you comments, “Americans!,” remeber that these photos are from around the world. Just remember; “You are all equally worthless.”

Here are more Passenger Shaming photos; do you think these are rude, or should people stop complaining so much?


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