Tough Guy Passenger On Delta Airlines Has Meltdown Waiting In Line To Exit Plane

Hell is waiting in line at Disney World for Space Mountain only to get to the front of the line and have the ride break down. Hell is being a gluten-intolerant Italian. Hell is flying on Delta airlines and then having to listen to this jackass with a ponytail when the line of people exiting the plane isn’t going fast enough for him:

This is the kind of guy who loses his shit when the bar doesn’t serve Bud Light. Does flying suck? Fuck yeah it does – that’s what they make airplane bottles for. You’re not supposed to fly sober; otherwise guys like these come off as just another notch to add to the “Reasons I Drive Everywhere” bedpost. The secret is to either get housed off a bunch of shots right as you get on the plane, or to get to the airport a few hours early and get your trip started off right with a $150+ bar tab just from buying four beers. Clearly, this guy went the sober route and made everyone else on the plane pay for it – only usable excuse he could use for being such a douche is that his sphincter was about to explode three tons of fecal matter with the force of 5,000,000 suns.

Welcome to the no-fly list, pal.