Someone Wrote A Wikipedia Synopsis For “Party All The Time” And It’s Hilarious

For most of us, Eddie Murphy’s 1985 classic “Party All The Time” is simply a song where everyone drunk in the bar sings “My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time.” if you’re fortunate enough to be around when someone sings it at Karaoke. But did you know there’s much more to the song’s story than we all really assumed? Hell, did you even know it had a story?? Someone made sure to illustrate the details to Eddie Murphy’s lyrics by creating a synopsis true to the song including any interpretation.

Here’s the write up which you can find on the Party All The Time wikipedia page.

The song tells a harrowing tale from the perspective of a heartbroken lover, portrayed in the first-person by Eddie Murphy. He begins by questioning, perhaps rhetorically, why the female with whom he is currently participating in a relationship would want to cause him emotional pain. The narrator goes on to list extravagant items he’s purchased for her, including, but not limited to: champagne, roses, and diamond rings. Despite the items that the narrator has given, the female still insists on staying out all night (presumably in the company of other men). The narrator then poses perhaps another rhetorical question as to what he should do to remedy this depressing situation. The listener is then repeatedly informed that the narrator’s “girl” wishes to attend nightclubs and house parties at all hours of the day and night. Later on, the narrator points out that he’s acted as a voyeur and observed said female whilst she was present at an unknown nightclub. She was seen providing her telephone number to virtually every male patron of the club with whom she came in verbal contact. We are then informed that the narrator’s female companion never arrives at their place of residence in the evening. Her absence is believed to be caused by infidelity, presumably with one or many of the men with whom she became acquainted earlier that evening. The narrator then goes on to wish that his female companion would have sexual intercourse with him, instead of the many other men with whom he infers she has been copulating.

So there IS way more to that song than just a catchy chorus. Although the fact that it went all the way to #2 on Billboard’s Top 100 is another detail most should also remember and be amazed by.

Now that we have a better understanding and remembrance to the song, let’s give the video another look because the cheeziness should be celebrated at any given opportunity.

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