Paris Taxi Drivers Are Rioting Against Uber & Courtney Love Was Attacked

Today taxi drivers in Paris are staging a protest against the ride sharing app Uber and its new service “UberPop” which allows uncertified drivers to pick up passengers.

And by protest, I mean an all-out riot where angry cabbies and their supporters are taking to violence against Uber cars and drivers who are cutting in to their profits.

Riot police have been deployed to quell the situation which has blocked traffic in some parts of the city as cars are being flipped, tires are burned and objects are thrown at Uber drivers. My “favorite” photo from the destruction is this Uber car which was flipped over spilling out water bottles and a box of tissues that one nice Uber driver had paced in his vehicle to make his passengers feel nice and comfy.

Back in December the French courts ruled that Uber was illegal in the country, but that ruling was later overturned. Now protesters are overturning cars. Some taxi services seem to be in full support of the violence with the head of the G7 taxi company saying; “We are truly sorry to have to hold clients and drivers hostage. We’re not doing this lightly.”

That’s right; cab drivers are taking people hostage; and you thought you were a hostage in your ride to the airport in a stinky cab.

One person who got caught in the protest while taking an Uber was rock singer / Kurt Cobain widow Courtney Love. The Hole singer got some holes in the car she was riding in; she live tweeted it.

If this is what is happening over an app that is taking away jobs, what are people going to do when the robots start taking our jobs?

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Source: Business Insider