These Parents Put Their Baby On 2,000 Foot Cliff For A Stupid Photo

Most people don’t like to leave their babies unattended on the couch. But this couple in Norway didn’t think twice about allowing their baby to crawl along the edge of a 1,900-foot cliff. That’s like 1,300 couches!

Fred Sirevåg was hiking when he came across the horrifying site. Living by the rule “pics or didn’t happen,” Sirevåg captured the moment to help educate the world and raise awareness about the growing issue of babies crawling off 1,900-foot cliffs.

In an attempt to get a photo of the infant with the breathtaking view in the background, the mother set her baby down on the cliff intentionally before backing away while a companion took the picture.

Says Sirevåg, “A baby can easily tip around and it’s really unpredictable… I thought this was such a crazy thing to do that people should know about this. It should never happen.”

[[contentId: 2760042| alt: baby in a cage| style: width:75%]]

Safety first!

With the rise of social media, it seems you can’t go anywhere with a baby without someone questioning your parenting.

“That baby should be wearing socks.”

“Get that baby out of the sun.”

“Don’t let that baby climb on the side of a cliff.”

“Why are you giving that baby an Iron Maiden tattoo?”

Because I like Maiden, you dumb asshole!

Ultimately, I think that Sirevåg needs to relax just a little bit. It’s a baby. They don’t flop around like a fire hose. The situation was supervised and semi-controlled, and I bet that picture turned out pretty sweet. The baby didn’t fall. It wasn’t eaten by an eagle. And most importantly, I’m sure it was wearing sunblock. (Source)