Paramount Pictures Actually Created A ‘Transformers 4’ Oscar Campaign

Oscar campaigns can be slightly annoying, especially if you live in the Los Angeles area. Around this time of year, you’ll see more ads in magazines, on billboards and on the side of buses than you can possibly ever remember. Some are obvious (Foxcatcher), some are a bit of a stretch (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and some are just completely a waste of studio’s money.

Paramount Pictures thought to actually shill out the money to place an Oscar campaign ad for voters to remember Transformers: Age of Extinction when it came time to vote in the 24 categories. Oddly enough, the Transformers films is no stranger ot an Oscar nomination, usually only limited to the Sound categories, as well as Visual Effects. None of which they have ever won.

But Paramount went for broke asking for voters to consider their fourth robot-blockbuster for not only the technical awards, but Best Picture as well. Best Picture? Really??  The sad part is they skipped over the acting completely. I guess they thought the odds of getting a Best Picture nomination was way better than say an already once nominated Mark Wahlberg.

Here’s the ad that almost looks like something from Mad Magazine. Just needs Alfred E. Neuman holding a ballot.

Sorry, Mark. No consideration for you. Here’s a closer look at who Paramount thought was worthy.

I get it, the Oscars can be a snobbish bunch, often nominating only dramatic films rather than anything actually good. But c’mon, Tranformers 4 for Best Picture? For Michael Bay’s sake, I hope no one nominates the film for any awards considering how he last handled public speaking duties. Poor guy.

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source: Paramount Pictures