Paramount Under Fire After Releasing Offensive Ninja Turtles Poster

It's a bad of a day to be on Paramount's PR team for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Earlier today, the Austrailian branch of Paramount Pictures released a new Ninja Turtles poster for their September 11th release. It's a little unfortunate to say the least.

Release date on the poster, check. Exploding building, check. Plummeting Ninja Turtles from said burning building, che--hold on.

As if posting it on the @ParamountAU Twitter account which has over 12,000 followers wasn't bad enough, they then posted it on the Paramount Pictures facebook page which has over 6 million likes. Of course it didn't take long for people to make the connection from a Ninja Turtles poster to just sloppy PR. "Wow...that's incredibly awkward" one commentor wrote.

Any evidence of the posters were quickly removed form Paramount's social platforms, but not before everyone and their grandma began to share them.

I can understand that this isn't an American poster seeing as we're getting the film on August 8th, and in all honesty 9/11 isn't at the forefront of the thoughts of people in other countries around the world, the day doesn't have any particular meaning outside of the US, but this is Paramount Pictures, one of the biggest movie studios in the world. These posters go through such a huge approval process, no one stateside caught the error? Baffling.

Nevertheless, I almost feel bad for the artists who took months actually working on this poster to find out that the film's getting a 9/11 release date.

"Wouldn't it be funny if they gave this a 9/11 release date? Y'know, because they're jumping from a burning building."

"Haha, that'd be so dumb. Anyway, back to work before my hand starts cramping! Can't wait to add this one to my portfolio!"

Paramount has yet to comment on the PR screwup.


source: Metro