Paramedic Makes A Great Point After Learning Fast Food Employees Earn The Same

We know working in the fast food industry probably the lowest paying job one could easily obtain but if you’re a New York citizen, minimum wage has just been raised to $15 an hour. Raising minimum wage is always a good thing but one NY citizen is having a hard time swallowing this fatty news because their line of work is now worth the same as someone who forgets to put the straw in your to-go bag. What is their line of work exactly? A paramedic. And boy, they are pissed. Not pissed at fast food workers or their line of work, pissed at “the man” for trying to get everyone all riled up and focusing their rage on the wrong people.

Jens Rushing took to his facebook page to release some outrage, letting people know that it’s not about degrading fast food employees and how much more they’re now making. It’s about turning your head at the people who have made this decision and why they aren’t getting a bigger cut of the pie themselves.

Here’s Rushing’s post which has since gone viral, because, well, they make a great point.

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So don’t beat up the little guy for getting what they’ve “earned”. Beat up the big guy for not giving you what you deserve.