Papa Johns Delivery Driver Hit’s On Customer, Epic Fail Ensues

We can’t find the exact number of guys who both like pizza and picking up women, but suffice it to say, it’s a massive number. One pizza delivery guy thought he had found the ultimate combination of toppings, so to speak, but fate had something else in store for him. A Papa John’s driver delivered an order to a guy’s house, but instead the customer’s girlfriend answered the door.


The driver thought that the pretty girl who answered the door was the customer, and proceeded to flirt with her via text.

text 1

Beyond the fact that this crossed some kind of ethical line (if indeed there are ethical lines with pizza drivers other than to bring the damn pizza and not be a jerk or be too late), the text exchanges just got weirder and weirder.

text 2

Did he get too saucy?

text 3

Were his lines too cheesy?

text 4

We can file this away under many categories, but let’s start with Epic Pizza Fail.

text 5

If there’s a lesson here, and we sure hope there is otherwise this is just an example of a pizza guy with the mentality of every pizza delivery guy in old porn films ready with an extra large sausage pie, perhaps it’s that Papa John’s isn’t really a dating service. Everyone knows it’s easier to score when you deliver for Domino’s, duh.


Or maybe it’s that anything that can be topped with ham is inherently a bad start to a romantic relationship. Bon appetit!

Source: The good folks at Brobible