These Photos Of Celebrity Women Are Actually Just One Man In Makeup

Being a makeup artist is a tricky job where you have to make a single person often look better than what they do naturally. But some makeup artists are taking their talents into a whole new art form by looking almost identically alike famous celebrities. Paolo Ballestero is starting to gain a following on Instagram due to his makeup trickery by transforming himself into Julia Roberts, Dakota Johnson, Kim Kardashian and even Michelle Obama.

Dakota Johnson

Not all of Ballestero’s transformations are 100% dead on, but they come pretty darn close.

Kim Kardashian

Kylie Jenner

Julia Roberts

Jennifer Lawrence

Michelle Obama

Now if this guy could trick sponsors into paying him for product mentions, he’d really have something on his hands.

Of course this post shouldn’t go without a mention of our absolute favorite celebrity makeup transformation we’ve ever seen; Lucia Pittalis

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source: Daily News