State Official Fired Over This Racist ‘First Lady’ Facebook Post That Went Viral

When Pamela Ramsey Taylor took to her Facebook to make a joke about how excited she is to see Melania Trump be the new First Lady in the White House, she didn’t realize it would bring a shitstorm of flack back to her front door. No, it wasn’t because she’s a Trump supporter and the liberals out there just wanted to crap on her hopes and dreams of a brighter America. It was because she referred to current First Lady Michelle Obama as an “ape in heels”.

Weird, you mean racism isn’t widely accepted? Whoduh thunk it! The worst part for Taylor is that she’s not just some door greeter at Wal-Mart with a big opinion. She’s actually a State Official for West Virginia.

You probably should’ve kept that use of colorful language to yourself.

Her post however shocked even her closest friends that they began sharing it, which led to people that had never met Taylor to share it on their Facebook and social media pages because, holy shit, racism is not only alive and well but people are seemingly now way more open about it than they were just a few months ago. Taylor eventually deleted the post, realizing she fucked up but by then it was too late.

The media is blaming Trump’s lack of political correctness toward Mexicans and African American “thugs” for allowing racists to feel more comfortable about posting how they REALLY feel on social media. Hell, Trump is getting blamed for these racists taking their anger to the streets allegedly. If that’s true, all we can say is hey guys, your candidate won. It’s all good. Pop a beer, chill and let the man do the work. If not true, well, that doesn’t really mean you should get racist on your Facebook without realizing there might be some consequences.

“Fuck you, man–freedom of speech! Pamela Ramsey Taylor has the right to say whatever she wants, brother!” Sure she does, no one is saying she can’t say whatever is on her mind. She didn’t get arrested afterall. Everyone is angry these days. Everyone. But that doesn’t mean her employer, or the people of Clay County want their Development Corporation Director to be an ignorant racist either. You can dislike the Obamas, but you can also have a little bit more class toward how you want to let people know. That is if you actually WANT to keep your job. Conversation is always good. Let’s keep doing more of that.

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