Pamela Anderson Posed Nude For Flaunt Magazine, Proving She’s Still Got It

After growing up in the 90’s, seeing Pamela Anderson pose nude for any magazine pictorial is like welcoming an old friend, no matter how up in age she and the rest of us get.

Well Anderson is back in the swing of things by posing nude for Flaunt Magazine and for my money, these photos certainly put Kim Kardashian in her place and Anderson is over 10 years older than Kardashian who is 34 with Anderson at 48, respectfully. But you didn’t click this link to hear me go on about Anderson, you came to look at the pictures. I know you did! Can’t blame ya, so here are some images form her session with Flaunt.

Good thing she’s not wearing clothes, that glitter would take FOREVER to get out.

Check out the uncensored image HERE. We’re not complete monsters.

Okay now that’s just weird.

Of course when you want something super artsy, a magazine editor calls on photographer David LaChapelle for some real colorful choices and interesting background casting. I’m just surprised they got Rob Ford to wear that much barbecue sauce without licking it off.

Keep at it, Anderson. You have a friend in Break always.