Store Owner Sues Customer Who Left Them An Angry One Star Yelp Review

You can’t post something on the internet without immediately finding someone who would like to argue your own opinion. And for Yelp reviewer Linda G., her opinion regarding a jewelry store in Boston has annoyed the store owner not only the point of responding on Yelp, but also getting his lawyers involved to sue Linda G. for her “damaging” one-star review.

They say the customer is always right, but the owner of Pageo – Newton disagrees.

Linda G. first mentioned her disgust of Pageo’s prices earlier this year in February, where she goes a little too far into detail regarding her abusive marriage which is really no concern of the store owner, but we get her point regarding the store’s prices nonetheless.

After receiving a modest 10 votes under Useful, 4 under funny and 5 under Cool (whatever cool means in this case), store owner George thought she was totally out of line in her review of his store and its pricing. George, not looking to be told off had apparently decided to contact Yelp looking to have Linda’s post deleted but Yelp said no-go. They actually wrote George back, stating “Yelp examined the review, [and] determined that it appeared to reflect the user’s personal experience and opinions.”

George then decided to respond to Linda G. by calling her a Yelp terrorist, stating that there wasn’t one word of truth in her review.

Store owner George here, who seems like he’s a few units of gold short of a full karat doesn’t realize people can review his business however they see fit. But George’s wacky response didn’t stop Linda G. from responding to George’s reply.

And that’s when George decided to call up his lawyers and sue Linda for defamation toward his business. The lawsuit however is taking an interesting turn possibly allowing courts to make anonymous online users no longer anonymous, and at which point that should take place depending on the outcome of this case. Linda’s lawyer stated users prefer to stay anonymous in case a store owner, especially on Yelp, would like to retaliate a negative review knowing the users full identity. No joke, especially if people like George are out there looking to sue someone because they didn’t like the service that was given to them.

Linda’s case is still ongoing…and still extremely silly.