Ozzy Osbourne Apologized Today For Peeing On The Alamo

Thirty-three years ago, heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne secured another foothold in his legendary existence. And today, he apologized for it.

On Feb. 19th, 1982, a drunken Osbourne while on tour in San Antonio, Tex. stumbled on the grounds of The Alamo in one of his wife’s dresses, which he was wearing because his wife stole all of his clothes in the hopes of keeping him going out and drinking. He urinated on the wall of the monument and a police officer caught him in mid-stream. He was arrested for public intoxication and banned from performing in San Antonio, a ban that stood in place for 10 years.

Osbourne returned to San Antonio on Friday and offered an official apology for the “mark” he left on the storied monument to city councilman Robert Treviño, the man in charge of the district where the Alamo is located. It is not known if Treviño could actually understand Osbourne’s apology before he accepted it on behalf of the city.

Osbourne made a visit to the Alamo as part of a special he’s recording for the History Channel. There aren’t any specific details about the TV special but presumably it will also include future documentation of Vice President Dan Quayle’s tour of a dictionary publisher and Tom Brady’s tour of a football pump factory.