You Could Be Part Owner Of A Mexican Restaurant If You Eat A 30 Pound Burrito

The only thing more American than being a hardworking small business owner in pursuit of the American dream is the time honored tradition of the monster food challenge. From a 13 pound steak in Texas, to the Annual Nathans Hotdog eating contest to an average lunch portion at the Cheesecake Factory, ‘Merica is the land of plenty.

Forget dying from eating it, if that thing fell on your head you’d be a goner.

Now while many food challenges at local restaurants feature gargantuan quantities that if entirely consumed in one hour will get your name on the wall; a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn has raised the stakes a bit. Victor Robey who owns Don Chingon says that any customer who can eat a 30 pound burrito in one sitting will get a ten percent ownership of his restaurant. He says;

“If you are going to eat a massive amount of food in a single sitting, you deserve real compensation. Some restaurants will put your name on the wall. We’ll give you the wall.”  

We are going to need a bigger toilet.

30 pounds? That is basically eating a healthy two year old boy. The burrito baby includes steak, chicken, pork, rice, cheese, beans and salsa. AND you have to drink a Ghost Pepper Margarita along with it. Which is only fitting as after you eat the burrito I’m guessing you will actually be a ghost.

Who will be up for this burrito challenge? Maybe the guy from Man v. Food will come out of retirement to pack back on some pounds and win a frickin’ restaurant?  In order to enter the “Grand Chingon Challenge” people must pay $150 dollars and are not allowed any bathroom breaks during the meal. They also have to sign away any responsibility on the part of the restaurant for death or illness. Death by burrito doesn’t seem so bad. There are worse ways to go.

Could be partly yours if you make it.

Would you try the Grand Chingon Challenge and attempt eating a 30 pound burrito?

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 Source: NY Daily News