Our Favorite Ads Of Super Bowl XLVII

Earnest: Volkswagon – Get Happy

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“I don’t care what the snarksnipes in the Twittersphere had to say about this commercial; I was hooked from “Sticky bun come soon!” onward. Are Jamaicans intrinsically happy? My gut feelings about being stuck on a crime and poverty-stricken island say no. Will driving a VW make you start speaking with a Jamaican patois? God, I hope not, but hearing a bunch of happy-go-lucky suburban dudes say things like “Respect, boss man” is enough to make me laugh each time I watch this commercial. That’s enough for me.”


Ian: Old Milwaukee With Will Ferrell

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“Public transit, a middle aged Asian lady, Will Ferrell’s mustache and non-stop making out.  This is why drinking was invented.  This is why Milwaukee is so old.  This is why 10 million people who couldn’t care less about football tune into the Super…uh..game.”


Brand: Ram – Farmers, Keep Plowing

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Aside from the fact that this year was probably the worst year for commercials that I can remember, this Ram truck is better than the rest for many other reasons. The main reason for its superiority however, is due to the fact that it performs exactly like a great ad should. Creativity, hard work, and beautiful composition combine to create a commercial that awakens something in your heart and soul and then, as easily as it has roused your spirit, it quickly crushes them by reminding you that it was all just an elaborate ploy to sell you more shit that probably don’t even need.


Rob: Doritos – Goat For Sale

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“Dodge might have managed to grab the entire room’s attention for 2 minutes with “Farmers, Keep Plowing”, but this goat’s scream had the entire room laughing and was enough to move Doritos to the top of my list.”


Dave: Hyundai – Team

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Undersized kid beats up a bully? Young boy in plaid wrestles bear? Kid saves fat guy from a burning building? In a commercial that should really be titled “The Break Homepage on a Tuesday,” a young and determined neophyte gathers up the roughest group of rag tag townies he can find to take down the mean kids in town on the football field. While I am not exactly sure how this spot makes me realize that I am supposed to go out and buy a Hyundai, I do know that it was the funniest and most original 30 seconds I saw all game long.”


Mark: Fast And Furious 6

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“I’m sorry, does your favorite feature a car taking down an airplane that then has a car fly out the tip of the nose in a blaze of glory? No, so shut up.”

Which one was your favorite?

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