6 Other SNL Characters That Should Have Their Own Ben & Jerry’s Flavor

Ben & Jerry’s announced that they will be paying tribute to Saturday Night Live with two brand new flavors, but the choices in SNL characters/properties is a little mind-boggling to me.  The two sketches they chose to honor are Lazy Sunday and Gilly.  Here is how they described the two flavors.

Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch – A combination of chocolate and sweet cream ice creams, with caramel clusters, fudge covered almonds and marshmallow swirl.

Lazy Sunday – Vanilla cake batter ice cream with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl. (We assume they’re still trying to think of a Ben & Jerry’s-esque title for this one.  Lazy Sunday Swirl, perhaps?)

Regardless, I’m just not satisfied with these choices.  So here are six SNL-esque flavors that we think deem more important (and tasty) to the show’s history:

#6: Hazelnut Headwound Harry

Easily one of the most hilariously absurd characters to come out of SNL ever.  Dana Carvey deserves more of a tribute than most SNL performers, not to mention the disgusting visual of Harry’s wound really lends itself to some tasty red syrup.

#5: Caramel Caveman Lawyer

[[contentId: 2626857| alt: | style: height:637px; width:487px]]

Who isn’t a fan of caramel??  And better yet, who isn’t a fan of Phil Hartman?!  Caveman Lawyer was a classic, classic sketch, but then again I’m just a simple Break writer.  Your ice cream choices confuse me!

#4: Joe Piscopistachio

[[contentId: 2626858| alt: | style: height:637px; width:487px]]

Joe Piscopo wasn’t the greatest actor on SNL, but c’mon, the title really lends itself to the Ben & Jerry’s theme here.  Also, it’d just be hi-larious.

#3: Brian Fellows Fruity Fig

[[contentId: 2626859| alt: ]]

The man just got in an awful car accident, and you pay tribute to Lazy Sunday?  I laughed more at Brian Fellows than I ever did at the snack food rap.  This is just crazy!

#2: Don Par-Cookie Dough

[[contentId: 2626860| alt: ]]

We pay tribute not to a sketch, not to an SNL alum, but the show’s announcer of over 40 years who is 95-years-old.  The guy deserves this.  He neeeeeds this.  Plus, cookie dough is just awesome, agreed?

#1: Kokonut Kissing Family

[[contentId: 2626861| alt: ]]

Probably one of the more cringe-inducing sketches to come out of SNL in the history of the show.  When the world ends and there’s nothing but dust, the aliens will dig this sketch up.  And even with their mighty alien-brain power, the space creatures won’t help but laugh in horror at this classic sketch where family members greet each other by french-kissing, groping and humping.  Points if you eat this one out of a family members mouth, just as the Kissing Family would’ve wanted.

Made by @Todd_Spence