We Photoshopped Leo D’s Revenant Beard Onto The Oscar Nominated Actresses

Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in one of the most talked about films this year with The Revenant but unfortunately for DiCaprio, his beard in that movie has stolen the show. So we wondered what it would look like if the 2016 Oscar nominated actresses had a chance to star in this year’s Oscar front-runner by adding some solid Revenant beard to their often flawless faces. And we kind of wish we didn’t. *shivers

1. Jennifer Lawrence…with Revenant Beard

2. Brie Larson…with Revenant Beard

3. Cate Blanchett…with Revenant Beard

4. Charlotte Rampling…with Revenant Beard

5. Saorise Ronan…with Revenant Beard

6. Jennifer Jason Leigh…with Revenant Beard

7. Rooney Mara…with Revenant Beard

8. Rachel McAdams…with Revenant Beard

9. Alicia Vikander…with Revenant Beard

10. Kate Winslet…with Revenant Beard.

BONUS: includes chapped Lips

Welp, time to wash our eyes out with detergent.

Created by @Todd_Spence & @Winstonious