There Is An Osama Bin Laden Themed Bar in Brazil!

If you don’t enjoy the service and complain at Bar do Bin Laden in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it’s safe to say that some heads are going to roll. That’s not a euphemism. The bartender might actually cut your head off if he feels like keeping with the authenticity of his highly offensive bar theme.  That’s because owner Ceará Francisco Helder Braga Fernandes decided to rename his bar after the 9/11 terrorist attacks mastermind and no-longer-living Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Who the hell drinks at this bar, Joan Rivers?

When you ask for an “Irish Car Bomb” …you REALLY get an Irish Car Bomb.

Almost immediately after the 2001 attack, people in Brazil started stopping Fernades in the street and snapping his photo of the bearded man, pointing out that he has a striking resemblance to the then Most Wanted Man in The World, bin Laden. Instead of being mortified the businessman took 100 photos of himself dressed as the terrorist and decorated his bar with them, changing its name from “Whiskers”  – which may have only been offensive to cats.  Apparently people in Brazil are OK with this Osama bin Laden themed bar as it’s been open for a while, so thanks Brazil! Maybe there is a bar in Florida that wants to rename itself after one of your brutal dictators.

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Don’t worry the “bar bin Laden” says that he doesn’t like violence! In fact in this video he is seen hugging a President Obama impersonator. How sweet. He loves nonviolence so much that he doesn’t mind that people now don’t use his real name but only refer to him as “Osama” or “bin Laden.” And that makes sense, we all know peace loving hippies who love being called “Hitler.”   

What’s next for this Bin Laden barkeep?  Is he considering opening up “The Soup Plantation” – an actual slave plantation themed salad bar. The Cancer Cafe? Or what would really be a hoot for him is a Goulash Gulag. Although, he could always open the first Brazilian franchise of the Nazi themed restaurant in Indonesia:

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Table for nope.

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