Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber In The Face, Becomes The Greatest Man Ever

UPDATED - Orlando Bloom's punch to Justin Bieber caught on video.

It's Christmas in July, folks. Early this morning at club Cipriani in Ibiza, Spain, Orlando Bloom had about enough of Justin Bieber's mouth and decided to shut him up by punching him in the face!

Here's the moment after the punch which was also captured by someone's cell phone. You can see security trying to keep the two away from each other as Bloom approaches Bieber once again, hopefully to put salt in Bieber's wound.

But why did Orlando decide to take a swing at the popstar? Moments before the alleged punch occured as Bieber and his entourage were leaving, Bieber tried shaking Bloom's hand when Bloom refused. Bieber then said "She was good".

Who was "she"? Orlando Bloom was married to super model Miranda Kerr from 2010 to 2013. But In 2012, right before their marriage dissolved, Justin Bieber performed at the Victoria Secret Fashion show where Kerr was modeling, and the two allegedly got real close.

The earlier this year, Bloom was spotted hanging out with Bieber's old girlfriend Selena Gomez, which was captured by this amazingly awkward photo. Coincidence or tasty revenge?

Now we can cut back to Bieber telling Bloom "She was good." And then Bloom let it fly. The two eventually left the club without further damage. But Bieber being the cool guy that he is Instagrammed a picture of Bloom's now ex-wife in a bikini (before ultimately deleting it). Nice retaliation, Beebs!

via TMZ

Regardless of the backstory and what happened after, I think we can all be happy knowing Bieber finally got smacked for being a little sh*t. I'm gonna send Orlando Bloom a nice fruit basket.


source: Gawker, Pagesix