The Fantastic Story Behind 15 Monstrous Movie Things

The Fantastic Four is upon us and, word is, things are looking grim.  Ben Grimm!!  Ha ha!  Just kidding, but no, reviews are terrible.  As in maybe the first movies were better, and this movie is just atrocious.  But at least the Thing makes an appearance,  everyone’s famous giant slab of rock with a face.

The thing about the Thing is that, according to early notes by Stan lee, the Thing was never actually a rock monster.  Jack Kirby came up with that twist.  Stan Lee, when he wrote the draft of the first comic, just said he was shapeless – a thing.  That could have been a bubblegum monster based on that vague description.  It was Kirby’s art that gave it life and made it the iconic rock slab it became.  And, as you might expect, the Thing ain’t the only thing that had a weird back story.  Turns out a lot of iconic beastly characters and events were originally slightly different in their design and inspiration.  Get your trivia hat ready!

  1. Jack Nicholson based part of his character from the Shining on Charles Manson, because of course he did.
  2. Anthony Hopkins came up with the unique speech patterns of Hannibal Lecter by basing them off a weird ass combination of Audrey Hepburn and Truman Capote.
  3. Tobe Hooper was inspired to create Texas Chainsaw Massacre after trying to shop in a crowded hardware store at Christmas time.
  4. In case you forgot why you everyone was panicking about ebola a few months back, it was also the inspiration for the disease outbreak in 28 Days Later.
  5. Stephen King based Carrie on 2 girls he actually knew in real life who were quiet and teased a lot at school and who both died young.  No word on psychic powers.

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  6. The famous head exploding scene from David Cronenberg’s Scanners was achieved with the help of a latex head filled with dog food and rabbit livers that was blown up with a shotgun.
  7. King Kong’s roar from the original film in the 30s is a mix of a lion and a tiger roar played backwards.  Because a gorilla would have been silly.
  8. FOX originally wanted the X-Files to be a sexier show and did not want to cast Gillian Anderson.  Their first choice, in fact, was pam Anderson.  Go on, just picture it.
  9. Molly Ringwald was offered the lead role in Wes Craven’s Scream but turned it down because she felt she was too old – 27 – at the time.
  10. The cat in the film version of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary was actually 7 cats.  So never work with cats.  You need too many of them.
  11. The actor who wear the big rubber suit in the 1954 version of Godzilla lost 20lbs thanks to how hot and heavy it was.  He also fainted on set more than once.
  12. The movie Rec 2 used so much fake blood that the filmmakers got crap from the building owner where the movie was hsot because they permanently stained the floor pink.
  13. Wes Craven based Freddy Krueger’s look on a memory he had of being 10 years old and seeing a scary hobo looking at him through a window.
  14. Robert Englund, on the other hand, who played the character Freddy said he based his characterization on a boy he remembered from school.  He said on valentine’s day everyone had made cards for each other except one boy who got none.  That kid grew up to be Freddy.  Here’s hoping the real kid grew up a little more stable.
  15. Sticking with Nightmare on Elm Street, part of the reason Craven chose the name Elm street was because that’s the street on which JFK was shot.