Wanna Get An Uber Ride From Optimus Prime?

My inner child just got really, really excited.

Uber is looking for some lucky passengers to take a 15 minute ride in the Optimus Prime truck by simply using the Uber app on the below dates.  Intercourse often takes way less time for me, so 15 minutes is pretty much all I could ask for when it comes to all things joyous.

The unfortunate news is that if you aren’t in the Dallas, Phoenix or Los Angeles area this month, you’re out of luck.  I know, I know.  Here are the dates you need to mark on your calender right now:

Dallas – June 16th – 1PM to 7PM

Phoenix – June 19th – 1PM to 7PM

Los Angeles – June 21st – 1PM – 7PM

For all other instructions, visit the Uber site so you’ll know exactly what to do on those dates.  Let’s just hope this thing doesn’t transform and murder everyone inside.

Discuss Optimus Prime’s death statistics with me here: @Todd_Spence