This Optical Illusion Will Have You Seeing Colors That Aren’t There

Finding a cool illusion was what we did before we discovered liquor and the opposite sex. It also helped pass the time before the internet came along too. There was the Magic Eye illustrations and nameless others that wow’d our impressionable minds so it takes a lot to find an illusion that can really get your attention nowadays with adulthood as our main distraction. But this illusion that we just found is pretty cool, and you won’t cause you to go cross-eyed like those Magic Eyes. I still never could see that damn dinosaur.

It’s real easy. Stare at the white dot on her nose for 15 seconds. Then, look at the white space to the right side of the image. It’s pretty trippy.

Apparently it’s called a “negative afterimage”. When you stare at a color for too long, the cells in your eyes that code colors get tired causeing the cells efforts to decline. It will then send a message to your brain to show the opposite color when you look away to a bland space, overcompensating for the color you’ve been staring at, which is why your vision doesn’t go back to normal after a 15 second stare down. So if you stare at blue, your eyes overcompensate and show yellow, and so on. Science!

Now show your friends, quick! Recess is in 15 minutes and the school is serving chicken patties for lunch!