Opera Singer Sings Flawlessly Through His Own Brain Surgery

I have a new idea for a reality singing competition. Have each contestant sing a song while going through brain surgery. It shouldn’t be that difficult. A Slovenian opera singer did it so that means everyone should be able to do it.

In what can be considered a very bizarre private concert, opera man Ambroz Bajec-Lapajne sang the first and last couplets of Schubert’s “Gute Nacht” while undergoing brain surgery for a brain tumor — and he did it better than anyone who doesn’t have their skull cracked open with a doctor prodding at their brain. He posted a video of the operation and you’ll notice there are moments when he trails off. That’s understandable considering someone is messing with his brain. Nonetheless, it’s probably the most beautiful brain surgery you will see in your entire life.

It is odd that doctors at University Medical Center Utrecht would make Bajec-Lapajne sing during surgery, but they wanted him to so that they could monitor his singing abilities and recognize the key change.

The surgery was over a year ago and he is doing fine and continuing his career. This is not the first time brain surgery and singing has been a thing. A patient at Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceicao in Tubarao, Brazil posted a similar video earlier this year of a patient playing guitar and singing the Beatles; “Yesterday” while having a tumor removed.

I can’t believe that brain surgery-induced singing is actually a thing, but bravo to all those who can do it.

Source: UPI