An Olive Garden Breadstick Sandwich Is Coming Because Miracles Do Happen

Whether or not someone is a fan of Olive Garden is a pretty good way to decide whether you should ever speak to that person again. The food is delicious, reasonably priced and the breadsticks are ridiculously awesome, so if you’re an Olive Garden snob, turn away now. Olive Garden is putting their best foot forward by offering a breadstick sandwich starting June 1st. Screw the KFC double down, I’m all eyes on this breadstick sandwich.

Yes, please.

With Olive Garden not entirely sure if their new menu option will be a success, they’re offering only two sandwiches so far; chicken parmigiana and meatball breadstick. And the better part is you are still able to receive the unlimited breadsticks even if you order one of the sandwiches. Or both sandwiches. Better just order both sandwiches.

Jessica Dinon, an Olive Garden spokesman for the restaurant spoke with the press about the new item and where the concept even came from:

“We’re always looking to evolve our menu,” explains Olive Garden spokeswoman Jessica Dinon. “We’re always bringing on new items, and right now we’re really taking those dishes our guests know and love and giving them more ways to enjoy it. Obviously people love our breadsticks.”

Yeah they do. On June 1st, I’m hoping every Olive Garden will have a line out the door, putting those Apple store lines to shame.

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source: USA Today