Oldest WWII Vet Still Smokes 12 Cigars A Day

Are you constantly worried about your health? Do you hate yourself for drinking 1/10th of a Coca-Cola or walk into oncoming traffic to avoid the threat of breathing in second-hand smoke? Does the thought of eating a single gram of sugar make you need to breathe in a paper bag? Well, guess what? Worrying isn’t healthy for you either and maybe all that stuff that you thought was so bad for you isn’t that bad after all. Take, for instance, the story of a 109-year-old World War II veteran who still smokes 12 cigars a day. 

Meet Richard Overton, an Army veteran from Austin, Texas who is believed to be the world’s oldest WWII veteran. He’s been smoking 12 Tampa Sweet cigars every day of his life since he was 18-years-old and he’s still kicking ass. He doesn’t need to walk with a cane and still enjoys all that stuff that makes the rest of us feel guilty the few times when we enjoy them. He celebrated his 109th birthday last Sunday with his neighborhood at a party full of things you shouldn’t put in your body such as burgers, milkshakes and delicious cigar smoke. He’s also said that he doesn’t like to take medicine and puts a healthy drop of whiskey in his morning cup of coffee. He also called whiskey “a good medicine” because “it keeps your muscles tender.” I really want to hire this guy as my doctor/personal trainer. 

To be fair, he never said that he’s sure that his love for whiskey and cigars has helped him live such a long life. In fact, he’s just as surprised about his longevity as the rest of us. That’s still not going to kill my dream that all the cigars and whiskey I enjoy are going to turn me into a modern day Highlander. 

Source: Business Insider