81 Year Old Woman Prefers Scotch To Beer While Running

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The beer mile run is awesome, no matter where in the world it takes place.

But this one I’m going to tell you about happened in Austin, Texas, and involves an 81-year-old woman.

She was cool with the whole setup, but would have preferred scotch.

Check it out:

Two dudes trying to do the beer mile

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  • The woman’s name is: Elvira “Vera” Montes
  • She is from El Paso.
  • The race was the 2015 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships in Austin.
  • Her time in the mile? 20:24:62.
  • She even beat her daughter, Renee Reynolds (47), by almost a minute.

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  • But Vera wanted some hard liquor
  • Vera said: “I’m not a big beer drinker. I like beer when the weather is real hot and there’s nothing else to drink. I’m really a scotch drinker.”
  • “Chivas if it’s available. If it was scotch we were drinking instead of beer, I would have run a lot faster,” the lovely granny said.
  • For those of you losers not familiar with the Beer Mile, it requires you to run a mile… and also down 4 beers during that time.

  • One for every quarter mile.
  • Vera did just that… but momma wanted some real sauce.
  • Granny is not a first time participant, either. She did it last year and claims this year was easier.
  • Perhaps because she has been practicing…

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  • “It was easier because the beer was better,” Vera claimed. “It was cold and it was bottled beer this time. I don’t remember what it was, but it was good.”
  • Oh course she doesn’t remember…
  • That was just the scotch talking.
  • But the best part of this story?

  • Vera took her daughter to Hooters after the race for some chicken wings and scotch.
  • She finished her interview with this quote: “I don’t have any secrets, I just wanted to prove to my daughter that I could run and drink beer.”
  • Hooters, scotch and downing beer while running.
  • I am kind of in love with an 81-year-old woman…

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