This Old Guy Was Turned Into Graffiti After Removing Graffiti From Same Spot

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a good citizen. One that is willing to take the hours it more than likely took to scrub off the graffiti made on the side of this building. And this guy in the above photo learned that lesson after he was then turned into graffiti himself.

Using this same exact photo the artist took of his work in pre-removal form, they made a pretty hilarious rendering of the man in the same exact spot, in the same exact position.

We’re sure the last thing this guy wanted was a picture of himself standing behind a dumpster instead.

The best part is not only will that guy be completely weirded out, but the artist didn’t even embelish the man at all. No artistic flair if you will. Just the same exact guy in black and white form. Banksy would be proud.

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source: Imgur