Someone Ran Over The Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument

Breaking all of the Ten Commandments at the same time would be an impressive achievement for any sinner, but really the only one that counts here is the one about damaging someone else’s property (that’s a commandment, right?) Someone drove across the lawn at the Oklahoma Capitol building and rammed into the controversial six foot tall granite monument erected there depicting the biblical Ten Commandments.  Thou shall not do donuts on the lawn, bro.

It Was Mel Brooks

The monument, which has sparked considerable controversy in Oklahoma since it was put there via private funding in part by State Rep. Mike Ritize in 2012 was smashed into several pieces. So the good news is to all you heathens we don’t have to worry about breaking the commandments, it’s already been done.

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The Ten Commandments In Better Days

The perpetrator didn’t wait around to see if they were going to be struck down by lightening and  abandoned the vehicle, running away on foot.  While some groups like the American Civil Liberties Union have argued that the religious scripture posted by the government building violates the separation of church and state, others have celebrated it as an opportunity to include their own ideology on the Oklahoma Capitol Steps. In fact I might have an idea of who police should track down… who could it be… who could strike down the Good Word…. Could it be Satan?!


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Oklahoma Capitol steps are about to get pretty metal.

This past year The Satanic Temple out of New York raised $28 thousand dollars to create a Satanic statue featuring the demon Baphomet with two children which they hope will be placed next to the Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument. They argue if the Ten Commandments are allowed to be placed on the State Capitol steps, than their religion needs to be represented as well. Now it seems that they will have some prime real estate on to place their Satanic statue. Hey, don’t covet thy neighbor’s monument.

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