A Ned Flanders Themed Metal Band Called “Okilly Dokilly” Actually Exists

Metal bands are usually drenched in leather, studs and beards but this metal band decided to go the other way with their approach by wearing green sweaters, pink polos and thick mustaches. Why? Because they’re more specifically a Ned Flanders themed metal band. Why? Because why not!

“Hi-Diddly-Ho, mother f*ckers!”

Apparently there’s an actual scene of Simpsons themed metal bands happening as we speak. The leader of Okilly Dokilly said that they’re not as hardcore as “Bartcore” and not like the “Krusty Punks” which leaves Ned Flanders lying in the middle. Of course none of what I just wrote makes sense to me but hey, whatever. I’m down with Simpsons metal, but the real proof is in the pudding as they say; the music.

After listening to a few of their tracks, the music is something that would make the Flanders family run for church. As for the rest of us, it’s a solid listen.

Apparently their songs do in fact have nods to Ned Flanders including the Flanders store “Leftorium” which was a store filled with accessories for left-handed people. However if you’re a novice Simpsons fan, most of their references will go unnoticed for you so you better start brushing up on your Flanders trivia.

“All That Is Left [one of their tracks] is pretty fun,” Head Ned said. “It’s our homage to the Leftorium, and the bridge is entirely left handed puns

Head to the band’s facebook page to keep up with their live shows and antics. They just made one new fan today, that I can tell you.