OK? Not OK? Facebook Murder Photo

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Aug. 09, 2013

The argument that we have been desensitized to violence is a tricky one. Most people these days don’t have a problem watching extreme violence in television or film when they know that the violence is make believe. However once we move into real life, images of violence and gore take on a whole new meaning because we are dealing with actual human lives that have been lost. Any sane person is at a minimum disturbed when they see a photograph of a deceased human being who has been brutally murdered. Same thing applies naked “dead” women in a movie; it’s still OK to enjoy looking at their boobies because you know it’s just an actress pretending to be dead. She’s still very much alive and very much naked; so that’s a win- win for everyone.  However if you look at pics of nude autopsy photos, you’re a total necro-perv!


CNN Facebook Murder Coverage


By now you have probably heard about the Florida man Derek Medina who murdered his wife and posted an image of her dead body to Facebook confessing to the crime, saying,


"Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare Facebook people you will see me in the news."


The news media was swift to condemn the posting of the image which quickly went viral on the internet. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for example explained how horrifying it was that the murdered woman’s image was posted to Facebook while showing the picture in question for almost a full minute of air time.


Wait.. WTF?

That’s like when the E! Channel or TMZ runs a story shaming paparazzi for harassing celebrities, while managing to be completely unaware that they themselves are the reason paparazzi exits!  Call me old fashioned but if you’re going to be a hypocrite at least try and be a little more subtle about it. You didn’t see Walter Cronkite lambasting people for watching the JFK assassination footage while simultaneously running the Zapruder film on the 5 O’clock news. That’s why I like to keep my death pictures nice and fake. Throw in some Saw movies and let’s get our torture on!  Tony Soprano killing a wise guy on HBO? Sweet!  James Gandolfini death pics? Nope. So come on news media! Don’t tell us we are desensitized to death and violence when you are the ones pushing the real death and violence on us! We can tell the difference, can you?  To recap:



Showing Trayvon Martin’s body.



Showing Boston Marathon bombing victims.


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Feelsbadforyou User

If the genders were reversed, she would be home that night on grounds of self defense.  Oh double standards, so glad you always will exist.

AWaugh User

Who sees hurt people and says "Yeah I want to do that!"  The people that commit these heinous acts of violence are sick regardless of what they see on t.v.  Violence is in our very nature.  Being human is understanding and controlling those instincts.  Being mentally ill is having a mind that is incapable of control.  Posting an image like that to facebook was about attention.  The individual was depraved. 

Matt-Kim-806 User

it's not about you, as a media out let or possible viewer, some people (the acting examples) optioned to be photographed

GoatHoles User

Where can i see this pic ?

ajgmazzieri UserTop Commenter

facebook is for fágs. 

Bantham User

He should get the death penalty, no matter the story!

eldystar User

The reason people flock away from newspapers is because it is processed for consumption all choice is taken away and you are fed one thing.   The Interweb is supposed to be different.

justhefacts UserTop Commenter

Thats one way to un-friend someone. 

So_Hai User

People expect the internet to reflect something other than what people are anyway - there's no reason to think it's exempt from the usual garbage and human garbage you see anywhere else.

K1ppy User

Completely agree, well put. 

whitedevil2 User

so did people 'like' the photo?

MattP725 User

It's ultimately about respect for the victims family.  Not everything is for public enjoyment.

mrtwebb User

Totally disagree. People should have a choice whether to view it or not so it absolutely must be made available.

K1ppy User

@mrtwebb They do, If you don't want to read or see death, gore, or reality, then don't read click the article. This is the internet, not your local newspaper. How is it not ok to show bodies of victims but it's ok for someone else to portray them dead, possibly more graphically in a movie??

Five5x28 User

@mrtwebb Okay, so If someone murders you I hope they post your corpse all over because who really cares about respecting you now that you're dead.

MattP725 User

@K1ppy @MattP725 Reality or not... something being real doesn't mean it is fair to share with the entire world.  People have a lot of real moments in life both good and bad that don't belong on the internet.  Again you have to consider that if it was your son/daughter/husband/wife/mother/father/etc would you want gruesome murder pictures be available for the world to gawk at?  In a lot of cases it can be devastating to an individual especially considering the pain they are already feeling.

Bantham User

@K1ppy @mrtwebb you obviously lack sensitivity due to your up bringing, in a movie no matter how realistic it is you KNOW it's fake, but real pictures of real people who have real families should NEVER be posted, and FYI you are correct, this isn't the local newspaper, local news papers WISH they had as many people reading them as the internet does! BTW, go watch Faces of Death!

MattP725 User

@K1ppy @mrtwebb Because as the author says, you can see violence on a movie and realize it is fake and made for entertainment value... when it is an actual person, there are victims not actors.  I would argue that you get absolutely zero intellectual value out of seeing a picture of a real life murder victim.  It is purely for the shock value/entertainment that comes with it.  People don't have a right to be entertained at the expense of the victim.  Just my 2 cents.  FYI if you re-read the article, the author appears to be against the posting of such pictures.

CrownOfWorms User

@Five5x28 Cause ya, as @mrtwebb said, " it absolutely must be made available."

CrownOfWorms User

It's, "IF" it's posted to the public...you have the choice. Not, they MUST make it available so the public can choose to view it or not.