Ohio Town Outraged By Zombie Jesus Nativity Scene On Man’s Lawn

For Today in Outrage we go to Sycamore Township, Ohio where resident Jason Dixon created a Halloween- Christmas mashup that was sure to offend somebody.  Nobody show the good people of Sycamore a screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It’s not yet Thanksgiving and already people are getting pissed over Nativity scenes. Using props left over from his haunted house, Dixon built a Christmas Nativity scene on his front lawn replacing the baby Jesus with a little zombie. I think he is getting the Christmas story mixed up with Easter.

Jesus! That is funny looking.

These men might have gotten so wise from eating all those brains. Dixon says that he wanted to make a nativity scene so he worked with what he had. Luckily for fans of zombies, he had plenty of the undead to make a ghoulish Christmas story that would be more fitting on an episode of The Walking Dead.

While 30 to 40 cars a day stop by to take photos of the unholy manger, neighbors and the town are not so enthused. Town officials are claiming that he is breaking ordinances that prevent him from building a structure on his front lawn that takes up more than 35 percent of the area. Dixon says that he is sure if it wasn’t for the Zombie Jesus, they wouldn’t be bothering him with this.

“The neighbors don’t like it. My father hates it and anything bad that happens he blames it on that,” Dixon told the local news.

The best part is that the town is requiring that he remove the decorations by December 26th.. meaning that the little flesh eater will be able to celebrate his birthday on the front lawn.

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Source: Fox 19