Ohio State Football Coach Urban Meyer Blocks In Car That Parked In His Spot

It seems that the coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team was intent on teaching some good blocking moves at practice today. However instead of teaching blocking on the field coach Urban Meyer taught someone a valuable lesson about blocking in the parking lot. As you can see in a tweet posted by Ohio State running back Warren Ball Jr. somebody parked in Meyer’s reserved parking spot at Ohio State’s Woody Hayes Athletic Center. You just entered a word of pain, son.

“Everyone is doing laps until whoever parked in my spot comes forward!” is what I imagine him saying.

Instead of letting it go and just parking in what appear to be plenty of available spots next to his spot, the coach parked in the offending SUV with his bumper merely inches away.  Either the driver would have to back into coach’s Mercedes or somehow Austin Powers himself out of the spot.

No confirmation on the identity of the SUV owner but unfortunately it may actually be a player on the team with some suggesting the spot stealer is team kicker Jack Willoughby.  Oh man, poor kicker.

“If you kick like you park, we are screwed this season!” is also what I imagine him to say.

In the past parking vigilantes have brought justice to those double parked. However, how do you feel about Meyer?

Sweet, Sweet Justice  

According to USA Today, Urban Meyer is paid $4,486,640 a year to coach NCAA players who are paid nothing.  So the question is:

Is Coach Meyer a rich douchebag lording over his assigned parking spot or is he justified in his double parking punishment? (Yeah, I guess these two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, he could be both.)

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Source: CBS Sports