Obama’s Remark From The State Address Was Turned Into A Perfect ‘Thug Life’ Vine

If you didn’t watch the State of the Union address last night, Obama had the perfect comeback to some GOP snickering. He first plainly said that he had no more campaigns to run. And on the Republican side of the room, there was a little laughter because of his statement. Then Obama, not to be outdone, followed up with the remark “I know, because I won both of’em.” which led to quite the applause as if a comedian had the perfect line to shut up a heckler. It truly was the burn heard ’round the world, and someone turned it into the perfect Thug Life-style vine.

As if his line wasn’t perfect enough. This video just takes it up a notch. The only way to make this more perfect is if Obama then ran out of the room like the Ultimate Warrior.

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