Obama Apologies for Golf Trip That Relocated Military Wedding

Presidents and golf have never made for a good mix because they always lead to some kind of trouble. Take, for instance, President Obama whose most recent golf trip to Hawaii is giving the members of his public relations team ulcers the size of a standard putting green hole. 


This military couple had to relocate their wedding so President Obama could play golf. That sound you hear is the entire White House’s PR team pooping their pants. 

Obama is taking a holiday vacation in his home state of Hawaii (depending on who you ask) and he wanted to work in some time to play golf at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The problem is that when he wanted to play, a pair of military captains Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr. were also scheduled to get married there and they had to move the location of their wedding at the last minute so the president could have his tee time. 


It gets worse. The rescheduled had to be made just hours before their wedding was scheduled to start after they invited the President to attend the ceremony. The couple said they knew the President would be in town and extended an invitation to the White House. They received the letter declining the invitation less than 24 hours after they received another letter saying they’d have to find another place to get married. Dang it, where’s a Bridezilla when you need one? 


The only way the couple could get back their original wedding spot from the President is if they had their own Secret Service. 

After hearing what happened the President made a personal phone call to the couple to apologize for the snafu and congratulate them on their wedding. The company that organized the wedding said the new location was “much prettier” before the President’s golf game forced them to relocate. We just hope the White House got them an awesome toaster for a wedding present as well. 

Source: Bloomberg