NYPD Cop In Trouble For Sucker Punching And Pointing Gun At Bystanders

A New York City police officer lost his gun and shield after he was filmed threatening bystanders with his firearm and assaulting an unsuspecting person.

The plainclothes officer’s rampage was caught on a series of videos. In the first clip, which you can see above, he can be seen pinning a suspect to the ground while a number of bystanders look on. The officer screams at the crowd to disperse, and when they do not comply, he pulls out his handgun, aims it at the onlookers and yells, “Back up! Back up!”

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In this clip, the officer storms out of the Harlem housing project where the suspect had been apprehended. With no provocation, he sucker punches a man standing outside and throws him to the ground as police swarm.

So far, the officer in the video has been identified as part of the 32nd Precinct but his name has not been released. The NYPD stated that he will serve on modified duty while the department investigates.

Some sources have claimed that the man who the officer punched had been yelling threats at law enforcement that were not shown in the video. However, the man’s treatment has many people questioning the methods of the NYPD, including state Assemblyman Keith Wright.

“For him to just get punched in the mouth, corralled and apprehended like he’s a piece of cattle of some sort, in a rodeo, just makes absolutely no sense,” Wright told WNBC.