NYC High Rise Causes Outrage Over Door For Poor People To Enter

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Jul. 31, 2014

People are angry at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for allowing construction of a new high-rise apartment building that would feature what some are calling a “Poor Door” – a separate entrance for low-income residents. No word on if the poor will have to use separate helipads.

The Richie Rich building in question.

The 33-story building will feature multimillion-dollar penthouses and luxury apartments in a pricey Manhattan neighborhood, in addition to 55 less-expensive apartments for qualifying low-income tenants. What has people miffed is that all of the subsidized low-income apartments will be grouped together and have their own, separate entrance.

One city councilwoman, Helen Rosenthal, said it was a disgrace

"This developer must go back, seal the one door and make it so all residents go through the same door," Rosenthal said.

A civil rights attorney even said it was unconstitutional, since the developer took tax credits from the city to create something “separate but unequal.”

Or maybe it’s just like ordering a pizza and splitting the toppings down the middle, only one side has caviar and the other side has dollar store anchovies?

This reminds me of the classic Seinfeld routine about the curtain separating first class and coach on airplanes" "Maybe if you had worked a little harder."

This billionaire observes how much it sucks sitting in coach.

I, for one, am all for the separation of the poor and the wealthy. Hear me out. If I was living in one of those subsidized apartments, why would I want to see some D-Bag pull up in his Maserati, taking a young, hot, trophy model girlfriend up to his 33rd floor multimillion-dollar penthouse? This would make me miserable and just remind me that I will never have those nice things. They are separating everyone for their own good!

Hope you like your door, poor.

The poor people also need the “Poor Door” to separate them from the leering eyes of the wealthy bastards. It’s like when you pass by a homeless guy on the street and have that warm feeling of superiority wash over you: “Hey at least that’s not me.” Only if you are living in the “mixed income development, now you’re the one the rich guy is using to make himself feel superior.

I pretend to ignore her, but she helps my self-esteem.

Just ask the richest man in India, who built a $1 Billion dollar, 27 story house all for himself and his family in the middle of one of India’s largest slums. He is the one who knocks... on all of the doors:

Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani's sweet pad in Mumbai knows how to look down on poor people.

Besides, if the low income renters didn’t get into the subsidized housing in this building, then they would still have a poor door. It would simply be their door in their crappy apartment building elsewhere in the city. The wealthy residents should counter the invevitable protesters with signs that read "If you don't like the poor door, sleep on the cold floor!"

"Let me check your pay stub and then I'll commence with the complementary, white-gloved HJ."

For his part, the Mayor says the laws and building plan were approved by the prior administration before he was elected. The city is currently trying to find a way to fix the poor door situation. Others are taking my stance and don’t seem that upset about it.

As one NYC resident who lives in subsidized housing put it, "If I had the opportunity to live in a skyscraper and I had to walk through the poor door, I'd get over it."

Would you walk through the Poor Door for cheap housing in New York?

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LostKeys User

Yeah this is dumb. These people will complain about their "poor door" every second up until the moment that their rent goes up $1000 for the valet, door and baggage services that are provided to the luxury residents.. Then they'll ask for their poor door back. This is actually a great idea, I'd bet there are THOUSANDS of people out there who would happily pay less rent to go through a "poor door" rather than pay for unnecessary services they do not want or need. 

Just sounds like a bunch of whiny poor people who want to be treated like they're rich because they live in close proximity to people who are rich. 

joasis User

Simple. Stop ALL government subsidies in every area. If everybody is responsible for themselves, that's called equality.

zloan93 User

Why not buy nice clothes for the "poor" people instead? theres gotta be at least 5 people that can afford to have a $1,000 reduction in pay for at least one week. Thats a much better alternative than discrimination and it will probably save them alot more in lawyer costs.

Ontarioguy User

Cool, now 99% of the people can experience first hand how it felt to be black in 1960. The new racism is class separation. The 1% are the new douchebags.

eldystar User

We have had gated communities for how long? The people in those gated communities are the same ones screaming to let the poor live next to the working class with the same living conditions.  Open up your gated communities to the poor too damnit.

ceprn User

I support this!

arkangel2048 User

They say poor like its dirt cheat, the top can pay anywhere between 5-10 million plus and the low budget or, the poor pay just under 5 million, why there is a separate door , is unknown but its stupid

Fungus01 User

Poor people have no business living in Manhattan.

Dejected-Head User

This is a problem that you get when you get a government order to repurpose someone else's property.  

tony_hustle User

How is this any different than VIP lines at clubs or 1st class waiting lobbies at airports? 

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

People should complain for rings that are actually important. The best solution would be to just remove the subsidized housing and problem solved, but chances are the whiners are people that have absolutely NOTHING to do with either renting or buying in that building.

TheFaz User

I'm sure the people qualifying for the subsidized housing won't give a sh!t. They'll just be grateful for what they've got. It's the people who search for things to be outraged about about that are, ahem, outraged.

zloan93 User

and everyone will be happy, especially the "poor" people.

NLDekker User

@Ontarioguy And that 1% pays fully 20% of all income taxes in the county.  The top 10% of all wage earners pay 80% of all taxes.  I think they are paying their fair share.  Of course you don't, because you are a lazy Democrat.

MichaelKolander moderator User

@TheFaz "As one NYC resident who lives in subsidized housing put it, "If I had the opportunity to live in a skyscraper and I had to walk through the poor door, I'd get over it.""

Raspurtin User

@MichaelKolander @TheFaz Actually in the entitlement State, They'll be pissed off because they're being relegated to a separate door, and it's been publicized as such, if it hadn't been, they probably wouldn't care. Its the bleeding heart liberals that brought this up no doubt. For me, this is like my situation, not all residents have garages in the apartments I live in, but if you pay more, you get more. it's just another upscale, bigger nicer apartment, using the main door to the building. Don't have enough money, get a smaller apartment and use the door that goes to it. Or, like neighborhoods, make more money, buy into the bigger nicer neighborhood. In some subdivisions, they have a road that goes one way into the nicer section, and another that leads to the not as nice section. Same thing to me, of, and I'm sort'a poor.