NY Times Magazine Asks: Could You Kill Baby Hitler?

With everyone this week celebrating Back to The Future Day there has been a lot of talk about time travel. For example some have raised the question; aren’t Marty and Doc kind of dicks for not using the DeLorean to go back and kill Hitler– or at least cover him with manure?

That is why it is great to see that the New York Times Magazine brought up this hard hitting question today to its readers. Would you be able to kill a little baby, if you knew that baby would grow up to be one of history’s most hated genocidal maniacs?  

It turns out that only 42 percent of those who responded to the poll would be able to kill baby Hitler. 28 percent said not sure and 30 percent said NEIN! Here is a picture of little baby Hitler. Could you do it?

You could say that the baby Hitler question is causing a small Führer on Twitter today. Hey, a good pun is like a good fart, you say you hate it but you still laugh. I stand by that pun. In fact some people are wondering not only if you could kill a baby Hitler, but what about Hitler having a baby?


So, what do you think? How many of you could kill little baby Adolph?

Source: NY Times Mag